Monthly Archives: January 2018

Bowl Buddies!

I hang out at the Alamo Craft Company in San Antonio; I have a booth and I also teach classes.  I started hanging out there when someone invited me to one of the monthly Crafter’s Corner classes, which are a lot of fun and are always followed by a potluck.  It doesn’t get much better than that: crafting AND food!

At one of the classes, I learned how to make a Bowl Buddy (bowl cozy) and have been making them since.  I would guess that I have made several hundred by now!

Here is how they work:  When you want to heat a bowl of something (soup, chili, etc), place the filled bowl in a Bowl Buddy and stick it in the microwave.  Heat for a minute or two and you will be able to remove the bowl without burning your fingers!  Or, if you want a bowl of ice cream and the bowl is too cold to comfortably handle, stick it in a Bowl Buddy!

Bowl Buddies can be machine washed and dried and should last for years.

Bowl Buddies are made from cotton fabric and cotton batting for your safety, but as always, keep an eye on the microwave and don’t heat them for too long.

I can make Bowl Buddies for $5 and up, depending on fabric.  Email me to order yours or if you have questions!