Convection/Microwave Oven?

By | March 12, 2014

microwave-convection oven

I have been doing a lot of research lately on things I never thought of before.  One of them is to find the best way to cook in the RV.  Alot of people don’t use their ovens because they run off propane and no one wants to run out of propane, right?  One option is to use a combination microwave and convection oven.  While surfing the web, I came across a great article by Mary Beth Goff: Five Things Not To Do In Your RV Convection Microwave Oven.  I asked her if it was ok to share her article with you and she graciously agreed.  She also has some recipes on her site that I want to spend some time looking at.

What about you?  How are you cooking in YOUR RV?

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