Hello World from your RV Crafter

By | February 21, 2014

When someone starts a new blog, there is a default first post with the title, “Hello world”  I think the idea is to just use it as a template for the first real post.  But, you know, I like it!  Hello World!  This is Gail and I am your RV Crafter!

I am not in an RV right now, but the house is on the market and I am shopping for an RV!  I hope that by summer, someone else will be living in my house (it would be their house by then!) and I will be hitting the road!

I will share all the happenings with you and bring you some crafting ideas as well!  So whether you live in an RV or not, I hope that we can have some fun together!  Please leave me lots of comments so I will know that that you are there!

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12 thoughts on “Hello World from your RV Crafter

  1. Barbie Burrows

    I am also interested in seeing more of your adventures, and Stampin’ Up! creations. As a fellow demonstrator I’m wondering if you will actually have ‘class’ (well I’m sure you have class) in your 5th and will this be a home base for you or will you travel around with it?

    1. Gail Beezley Post author

      Hi, Barbie! Yes, I will have have some classes but not in the RV – they will be in the community rooms at the campgrounds – and also online. This will be my “forever” home – or at least it will as long as it is fun :).

  2. Laurie

    Saw your website address on a comment you made on SUDSOL and was intrigued. Love the name as we have a 5th wheel and whenever we go somewhere I always pack something to work on. That and my husband sells them as a living!! 🙂 And, you’re a fellow demonstrator so I knew I had to start following!! 😉 Looking forward to your posts when you start packing stuff in your RV, I’m always looking for new ways to pack, not to mention live vicariously through your trips. We haven’t had much time to travel in the last couple of years due to family issues, but hoping to change that soon. How fun and exciting for you, totally envious!!

  3. Rebecca Gee

    Well Gail I always knew you were serious but I didn’t want to believe it!
    I wish you much happiness and I will miss coming over to your craft house!
    I would love to have it as my getaway.
    Seriously where can I see the listing?
    And can I come rummage through your sale/ dump piles?

      1. Rebecca Gee

        Awesome. Saturday would be great. What time?
        I’m gonna show my husband the listing for the house too.
        I’m sad and excited at the same time

  4. Cherie

    OMG! What a neat thing to do! I would need 3 RVs just to hold my stuff! Wishing you lots of luck and enjoyment!

  5. Robin

    I hope you find an Rv that you love. 🙂 I wish you luck and happy trials. 🙂 Can’t wait to read your stories and see all of the USA with you through your blog here. I don’t know how you’ll do it, with all your crafty things. I accumulated and have collected so so so much over the past 30 years that I have been rubberstamping. I wouldn’t know where to start and would be a basket case if I couldn’t take it with me… lol 🙂 I think I would have to have two Rv’s.. One for living in with hubby and the other for just crafting and having “my space”. lol 🙂
    Wish you much luck and joy in your new adventure. 🙂

    1. Gail Beezley Post author

      Robin – thank you so much for the well-wishes! You know, you CAN tow a trailer behind an RV… that is another option 🙂


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