Hot Air Balloon Ride – Check!

By | February 14, 2015

I decided one day a few years ago that I wanted to ride in a hot air balloon.  So I created a Bucket List and wrote it down.  On my 60th birthday, my sweet daughter gave me tickets for a ride for 2 – she said it wouldn’t be fun alone (she is right!).  It actually took me 2 years to get the ride scheduled and yesterday was it!  What a Perfect Day!  Let me share it with you.

01 - Getting the Basket Ready

Getting the Basket Ready – It is a lot bigger than I was expecting. There will be 16 on the ride, plus the pilot.

02 - Getting the Balloon Ready

Getting the Balloon Ready – they actually drive the trailer away to unload the envelope. When it is fully inflated, it will be about 9 stories tall.

03 - Starting the Fan

Starting the Fan

04 - More Air

More Air

05 - More Air

And more air…

06 - And More Air

And even more…

07 - Add some Fire

Add some fire – it was HOT and LOUD!

08 - Inflated

Almost completely inflated – this was the best shot of the whole thing I could get since it was time to get in the basket!

09 - Away!

Away! It was kinda scary getting loaded because the wind came up at the wrong time and the balloon wanted to lay the basket down. We we all leaning away, putting all weight into it and the crew were hanging on the outside. Got the blood pumpin’

10 - Further away

Further Away….


11 - Far Away

Far Away

12 - Pilot

Our wonderful pilot

13 - Shadow

Our shadow on the ground. The weather was absolutely perfect!

14 - Gail & Jacqui

Me and Jacqui – thank you for the best gift ever!!

15 - Cows

Those cows were sooooo little. And it would look like they weren’t even moving. They were really loud, though!

16 - Too Cool

View from the inside looking up. Joe Cool?

17 - Landing Spot

Hey, that looks like a good spot to land!

18 - Where we landed

See those trees? That’s what we landed on! Good thing, though, because we were going in pretty fast. I say the trees broke our fall. Afterwards, we were picking pieces of tree from each other’s hair.

19 - Here Comes the Crew

Here comes the crew. They later said that they never lost sight of the balloon.

20 - And the trailer

And the rest of the crew.

21 - Deflated

It didn’t take nearly as long to deflate….

22 - Here comes the cows

We landed in a pasture. The cows had to come check us out. The rancher did, too, but he was cool. Said they could land the balloon there anytime they wanted. We did have to step carefully, though, to avoid the patties.

23 - Stuffing the balloon

We all helped stuff the envelope into the bag. It weighs 680 pounds!

24 - Perfect Sunset

A perfect sunset to a perfect day.

25 - Traditional Champagne

Champagne is a traditional ending to a balloon ride – OK by me!

10 thoughts on “Hot Air Balloon Ride – Check!

  1. Cindy

    Glad you finally got to enjoy your ride. It looks like you couldn’t have had a better trip.

  2. Brenda B

    Great pictures! What an awesome memory to have. Bet you two really had a good time experiencing floating in the sky. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Jacqui

    Awesome pictures! I had such a great time. I’m so glad we got to do it together! My bucket list is getting lots of checks due to you! Love you! ~Jacqui


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