Moving my new RV – Or maybe Not!

By | August 10, 2014

Yesterday was supposed to be a big day but it didn’t go the way I had intended. I drove to Buda Texas, where Crestview RV Sales has been kind enough to let me leave my fifth wheel for a while.  The plan was to do the final walk-through to see how everything worked and then to have my new friends, Sheila and Roger tow it back to the Admiralty RV Park near Sea World.

First, it was HOT!  Second it was CROWDED!  I had a 4:00 appointment, but they got a bit backed up and didn’t get started until nearly 4:30.  The walk-through started ok enough…. though I wonder why they sell you an RV and then make you have to buy the hoses and connectors.  Shouldn’t those come with it?

Propane tanks, battery, storage, check!  The auto-leveler is pretty cool – push one button and the jacks go up and down until the unit is perfectly level.  Say, why didn’t the jacks on the back go down?  Hmmm, looks like someone set the pins too high on the front jacks.  We’ll have to address that when the truck comes (or get the forklift).

On to the inside…. buttons for lights, awning, slide-outs, air conditioners, and fans… Say, what is that beeping?  Why is the refrigerator unhappy?  After pushing buttons and explaining that you want AC, but automatically switch to propane when the electricity is off, the error code (Li oP) won’t go away.  I just so happened to have brought all the papers with me so I rip open the refrigerator manual and look it up.  Oh, oh, says that the consumer can’t fix this one and to call for service.  As it turns out, the service guy lives in San Antonio – he can fix it at the park.  Good.

About this time, Sheila and Roger arrive and we try to hurry through the rest of the walk-through…. cabinets, doors, toilets, check.  OK, let’s button this down and get out of here.  Close slide 1, slide 2, slide 3, slide 4, slide 5…. slide 5?  Oh oh, slide 5 won’t go in.  Check the fuse.  It’s blown.  Go to office and get another fuse.  Try again.  Fuse blows again.  (maybe I need to keep some spare fuses)  Pull the panel off.  Look at all those wires!  Can’t fix it.  It’s now after closing time.  They will have to fix it Monday and deliver it to the park.  So I pay Sheila and Roger so they can head back to San Antonio, make a shopping list of hoses, etc that I need to get from the service department which is now closed, get it in writing that they are going to deliver my unit to me, give Robert a hug (bless his heart), and head home.

Wow.  What a day.  Wish I could give you some pictures.  Hopefully the next post will be more productive!!


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