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By | March 11, 2014

RV Exterior

A couple of year ago, my son Brian told me about the Open Range RVs.  I looked at them online and really liked them, too.  But they have not been at the RV shows I have gone to and the closest dealer than sells them is over 50 miles away.  But I wanted to see one up close and so, last week, I drove to Houston, picked up my daughter, Jacqui, and headed up to Spring, TX to check them out.  Loved the bunkhouse model, 427BHS.  Here is the floorplan:

RV Floorplan

You can see the bunkhouse room at the left.  My thought is to take out the bunks and add some storage.  Jacqui and I went to Ikea to see what we could find there.  I really like the Galant series: there are drawers, shelves, file cabinets, and more in a choice of colors (birch, white, and black/brown) like this:

Galant drawers

But the more I thought about it, the more worried I was that it would be too much weight on the slide outs.  So I am thinking that I can take 4 of the Galant units (probably 2 with drawers like the one above, and 2 with shelves) and position them smack in the middle of the room.  That would require 63″ x 35″ and I think it would *just* fit.  I will have to remove the other built-ins to do it, but it will be a good use of space.  Then, I can put it in tables and (hopefully) file cabinets in the slide areas.  I think that will give me plenty of work area as well as storage.

What do you think?  I am open to any and all suggestions!!


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