The RV Crafting Studio Revealed

By | September 22, 2014

As I explained in previous posts, I converted the bunkhouse of my new fifth wheel RV into a crafting space.  I officially moved into the RV (I call it my tiny house) about a week ago, and have pretty much organized the space for working.  Someday I will tidy up more and take more pictures, but I thought you might like to see how you can organize your crafting, stamping, and even sewing supplies in a very small space.  Here is the view from the door.  To the left is a set of 4 Elfa drawer units with one solid top.  The top is about 3-feet square and I can even craft standing up there.

Studio - Office

Office space.  There is less space on this side than the other and so far the only desk “chair” that will fit is the bar stool, but it works OK and I am reminded by my back to take frequent breaks!  I have everything an office needs: a computer, big monitor, printer, file cabinet, and even an e-cutter!

Studio - Office desk

The other side of the studio is for crafting.  There are organizers for stamp pads and punches, and even a setup for taking videos.  My original chair didn’t fit well in the space, but found a bungee chair at the Container Store that I like and it fits much better.

Studio - Crafting desk

Elfa drawers hold lots of supplies: tools, papers, ribbon, and much much more.  I’m still trying to get those organized but will share more later.  I like that the drawers have labels but the space is so tight that I can’t see them very well, so I will have to come up with a better labeling system.

Studio - Elfa1 Studio - Elfa2

And what kind of stamper would I be if I didn’t have the perfect place to store my stamps?  This DVD media shelf holds well over 100 stamp sets in a very small space.

Studio - stamps

So, what do you think so far?

12 thoughts on “The RV Crafting Studio Revealed

  1. Debbie

    DH and I are probably going to be buying an RV this weekend and we will be converting the small bunkroom into my crafting room. It is only 48-50 inches wide by about 100 inches long so it will be smaller than yours. I have been searching and searching for someone who crafts in an rv and your blog gives me hope that it can be done! Have become a follower and eagerly look forward to postings on your blog!

    1. Gail Beezley Post author

      Debbie – how exciting for you!! Yes, your room will be smaller than mine, but you can make it work. Sounds like you will have about 35-40 square feet. I have about twice that but was amazed at how much space there really is.

  2. Kathy Benko

    Amazing, where there’s a will, there is a way, right Gail. Enjoy your crafts where ever you are. We have a 5th wheel also, we just don’t live in it all the time. I wondered how you bolts your stamp sets on the wall, not much to those walls. I only hung a calendar, and wondered how it would fair, haha
    Happy RVing and Stamping

    1. Gail Beezley Post author

      Thanks, Kathy! The stamp shelves are where the closet was originally, so we just screwed it in using the same studs that the closet used. My handyman was very careful to make sure that everything was nice and secure!

    1. Gail Beezley Post author

      Thanks, Bonnie! So far, I have only had to worry about that once. The RV had to go into the shop so I packed up what I had in boxes. I have some plans that I will put into place soon. For example, a net over the stamp shelves. As for the Elfa drawers in the middle of the room, they are screwed to the floor. I wrapped the drawers in stretchy film for the move, but will probably come up with some bungee cords or straps. I’ll be sure to post as I come up with those solutions!

  3. Yvonne Newton

    I am impressed and amazed. So much in such a small space. Looks great!!

  4. Brenda B

    Love it! Gail, you have done such a great job in getting it all organized and set up. You really have an eye for detail and I can see you being very creative there; plus, you have your office nearby. I know it must have been very hard downsizing and parting with things that you really enjoyed. However, I feel you will always have what you need — just think, cleaning up won’t take as long since everything has to have its place! Looking forward to seeing the rest of your living space.


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